This can of Kontakt60 has just saved me a lot of bother, and probably money too. I couldn’t find the much-heralded Caig Deoxit, but I was willing to give this austere-looking German version a go.

A tiny amount has solved my encoder issues with the Blofeld, fixed my jumpy dial on the XL-7, and rejuvenated the rotaries on an old Zoom guitar pedal. Everything behaves as new. In the Blofeld’s case it’s never been better. Magic stuff!

Camstudio – optimal Youtube settings

These settings ensure best quality (HD) and no loss of audio sync.

Video settings:

  • Use the Camstudio Lossless codec.
  • Key Frames every 25 frames.
  • Capture Frames every 40 msPlayback rate 25 frames / sec.
  • Allow drag corners to pan.

Audio settings:

Ground loop woes, s/pdif questions

Yesterday, while still getting aquainted with the ESU1808, i wasn’t paying too much attention to background noise. However, I was still aware of  a ground loop caused by the laptop which was particularly evident when the monitor levels were above 12Oclock. Today i investigated further.

Maybe I had fresh ears, but it seemed worse this morning. Although I knew the source was the laptop, I thought the solution might be in the cabling. So I switched around a few balanced/unbalanced connections. Interestingly, the FS1R was a major contributor to the ground hum.  Even so, unplugging the laptop always killed the hum, so I knew I had to deal with it.

Step one was to go out and buy a power conditioner / surge protector strip with in-built interference filter. No improvement.

Step two…. I ‘lifted the ground’ on the laptop plug and – voila – problem solved. Must find a safer alterative.

Next I checked the s/pdif connection from the XL-7 into the 1808. Input is detected and the signal is surprisingly strong. Only problem – ASIO4ALL doesn’t recognize the s/pdif inputs or outputs of the 1808 🙁

This could be because the digital switch is in the ESI control panel, and not on the hardware. Need to work on it….mail sent to ESI support.

A simple mission…

Started toying with software synthesizers circa 2001. In the intervening period I managed to buy some carefully-considered Hardware pieces. My grand idea for a powerful but compact live rig has been developing for years, and now it is within reach.

This site is primarily for me, but you can follow my journey if you want.