Tempest Recipes


Here are my collected notes on synthesis with the DSI Tempest.

Note: This series is now concluded. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement – they wouldn’t have been written otherwise.

Here are some sysex kits and sounds I remembered to backup before I sold my Tempest.

Good luck Tempesters! 🙂

  1. First things first – what you MUST know.
  2. Bass Drums part 1
  3. Cowbells
  4. SID sounds
  5. HiHats, shakers, zaps
  6. 1-Voice Chords
  7. Snare drums
  8. Tom-Toms
  9. Apito – The Samba Whistle
  10. Donk Bass
  11. Sub-bass
  12. Bass Drums Part 2
  13. Congas
  14. Tuned woods, sidesticks and clicks
  15. Bells and alien idiophones
  16. Claps

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  1. Thank you very much for this !

    Would you have some recipes about how to make physical modeling percussion sounds ?
    like making a timbre metallic or wood for example, and how to work envelopes to make it sounds like hitting a string, or an elastic, etc. ?

  2. Great stuff. Im just gutted you sold your Tempest so there will be no more tutorials! Thanks for the guidance, this is my first “drum” based synth so its been a great help!

  3. wow thanks for this, I’m just getting into my tempest and I’m super excited. Thanks for all the info here 🙂

    • Hi,
      Never got as far as writing the recipe for that, but I do remember getting good results from a filtered triangle with 2 gentle pitch envelopes, and using pitch and filter LFOs to get a nice interesting tail. Think along the lines of a flabby kick layered with a tom.
      Also, important the ensemble surdos are often tuned and interweave with other tuned percussion to produce melodies. Check the web for details.

      Good luck.

  4. Cool, is it a software or hardware Sequencer?
    I did some sequencers as well with Reaktor, max/msp and max4live and the lemur a while ago, it was quite great but CPU hungry and some bugs made it a bit of a pain to have a fluid workflow… 🙁
    Now I am full hardware and very happy with the Cirklon, and can avoid the computer if I want to… 🙂

  5. Hi.. im a total newb to Tempest.. I dont see a sine wave in the oscillators… you use it in a few of your drum tutorials….
    am I missing something obvious here