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Cheap Bastard: No need for Baugruppenträger

While I’m waiting for some parts and test cuttings for the 4×4, it’s progress has been overtaken by this modular monkey business. I’m in no rush.

So, after assembling the Baugruppenträger and RAST, as expected, I required mounting rails to complete the job as first envisioned. Since I had a voucher for MusicStore, it was used buy the only rails they had – 12HE Adam Hall thingies at a fiver per pop. I got 4 to keep me stocked for future requirements.

Silly me hadn’t reckoned on them being made from a thick steel. As I don’t have the means to cut them, another much simpler and less expensive option popped-out: I could just glue or screw some 2cm wooden strips and mount the Baugruppenträgers directly onto these. Or, as I quickly realised, I could even just mount the vector rails directly this way and not require those ugly rack ears at all.



OK then – to hell with the Baugruppenträger!

However, it’s 4 vector rails can still be used to complete two 84HP racks, thus filling the RAST. So, for future reference, I will only need the Vector rails and the Thread strips. I could even do away with these altogether, but since I have them I’ll use them.

In depleting my voucher I couldn’t resist trying a Monotron delay, especially because it has exposed CV points on the board and would thus could be re-housed into a 4HE module. It’s nice but surprisingly noisy. That’s not necessarily a bad thing 🙂

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