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Assigning sends/sub-outputs – in the pattern

xl7 : Message: assigning sends/sub-outputs – in the pattern.

Nice tip from AtomSmasher on the Yahoo group:

until recently, if i wanted a patch to be routed to a particulars sub-output (send) i would save an edited copy of the patch with “->2” appended to the patch name so i could tell it’s routed to send 2, or sub-output 1.

of course this consumes a memory location for a patch which is often just a duplicate patch. not ideal.

better way: leave the “output” parameter alone in the patch. go into the event editor and create an event for that MIDI channel on CC-79: Controller 79 is hard-coded to the Mix Output parameter.

0 = Use Preset
1 = Send 1
2 = Send 2
3 = Send 3
4 = Send 4

While looping, create the CC-79 event at tick 002. make sure it works as desired, then move the event to tick 001 (where it’s used to set up the patch but won’t loop).

with different effects (or effect/no-effect), multiple CC-79 messages can be used to bounce a patch to different effects/sends during different sections of a loop 😉



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