FS1R – LSBP (Level Scaling Breakpoint)

The LS BP (Level Scaling Breakpoint) parameter sets the key which will be at the center of the level scaling curve (see diagram below). The LS LeftCrv and LS RightCrv parameters specify the type of level scaling curve which will be applied to the left and right of the breakpoint, respectively: -lin (negative linear), -exp (negative exponential), +lin (positive linear), or +exp (positive exponential). Please note that the LS BP will shift in accordance with the settings of the Note Shift parameters (pages 24, 40, 59, 71). The LS LeftDepth and LS RightDepth parameters specify the depth of the curve on the corresponding sides of the breakpoint.

FM synthesis Tips – Series generated by M:C

also see M:C series tables  http://yala.freeservers.com/2fmsynth.htm#Matrix

Programming FM synths, can be daunting indeed. As such I have come up with a few tips which you may find useful.

  • Tip#1 – If youre using an identical pair of M:C ie 3:1 and 3:1 with the Carriers slightly detuned to fatten up the sound… you can usually short-cut this into a “one-into-two” ie 3:1+1 with detuned “C”s. It may not sound exactly the same as the original.
  • Tip#2 – If youre using a pair of M:C where C is the same ie 7:1 and 9:1, you can usually short-cut this into a “two-into-one” ie 7+9:1… especially useful if youre running out of operators. It may not sound exactly the same though.
  • Tip#3 – Fixed frequencies can be useful as an LFO. For “chorused” sounds, you can make one Modulator as a fixed low-frequency and itll sound like an LFO at work. This is commonly used with “in series” combinations eg Fix:M:C, although “two-into-one” combinations will also work eg Fix+M:C.
  • Personal Sidenote – Personally, I find the timbre of “in-series” modulators to be less exciting than the “two-into-one” or many-into-one combinations. I normally only use the “in-series” like 1:1:1 for producing string-type timbres. I find the “many-into-one” produces more impressive timbres.

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